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LIVE! (Or please be our friend, pretty please?)

Yes, the Social Media Campaign for LITTLE MISS JIHAD is now live as of 12 noon E.S.T.!  Thanks for everyone’s support!

If you’re on twitter, you’re welcome to follow us @littlemissjihadfilm!

If you’re on Facebook, you may follow our fanpage here.

Interested in our YouTube channel?  You may shimmy on over to our videos.

And if you’re wondering, whoa, how did we make these social media pages in, like, two days?  Relax, we didn’t… hahaha.  Since the pitch finalist announcement back in October, we’ve been slowly building them and thinking of our campaign.  If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s never too early to start!

Big thanks to Karen Walton, Dorice Tepley, Jill Golick, and Scott Albert for basically teaching me all that I know about social media– leading through their example over the years, experimenting, and embracing the new before anybody else did.  And hey, I’m no expert, so hoping this works!

But you know what will work better?  Friending us!

Thanks!  Without your support, this film could not happen! 🙂

About littlemissjihadfilm

When 10-year-old, Afghani-American, Sally Khan, discovers that the father she never knew disappeared on September 11, 2001, she becomes convinced that he is a terrorist. Now if she could only figure out what that means! LITTLE MISS JIHAD is a dark comedy, yes, comedy, about faith, tolerance, and a child's imagination running away with her.

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