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Crew Fun Facts – Our Co-Director/Associate Producer, Jessica Wu (Recap)

Dr. Who Wu, this is for you! (And we totally didn't get permission to use this photo. BBC, please don't sue us!)

Because as this scheduled post appears, our Co-Director/Associate Producer, Jessica Wu, and I (Steph here!) will likely be sitting in a coffee shop in Downtown Toronto, banging our heads against the wall, hammering out our audition schedule…  Yay!  I thought it would be nice, for those who missed it last week, to re-post 5 fun facts about Jess!

P.S.  Fun facts may or may not be an euphemism for incriminating facts.  Shhh…  Without further adieu!  Recap!

Our lunchtime fun crew facts has come to an end. And for those of you not on twitter, today, we publicly embarrassed Ms. Jessica Wu, our Co-Director/Associate Producer follow her on Twitter @iggy500). But because we don’t want to leave you all out, here are 5 fun facts about Jess! We’ve now dubbed our campaign “Save Jess from going back to school, because she’s too damn talented.” Or “Save Jess” for short. Here they are!

1.  Jess is proud to be a geek.  Yup.

2.  Jess is a Doctor Who fan.  See above.

3.  Jess has grown up also studying music and performance since the age of 6.  (Editor’s Note: This has led her to fulfill her lifelong passion. Joining a GLEE club.)

4.  Some might know Jess as a cosplayer with the online alias: IggyBoo.

5.  Since Jess was 5 years old, she was put on a career path to be a lawyer until one day in high school, she decided to go into film.

Did she make the right decision? We think so! Jess is one of the most multi-talented people that I know. She does it all from sound, editing, production managing, to art department. Your contributions will help Jess live the dream. At least, stay in this industry just a little bit longer. Bribe her today! Even $5 helps! Thanks!

And… recap… end scene!

Coming up this week, we’ll have the incriminating (but fun!) truth about our resident Story Editor, Consuelo Solar.  As well, look for a recap of our lunchtime fun facts with Friend of the Production, Nathalie Younglai.

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Thanks for your support!  Keep checking back here for new posts & insights into what it’s like to make a short film!

~ Team LMJ

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