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Crew Fun Facts: Friend of the Production – Nathalie Younglai (Recap)

Sorry, Nathalie! We couldn't resist! Actually, we could've, but decided not to.

If you missed it last Saturday, we publicly shamed Mega Friend of the Production, Ms. Nathalie Younglai.  Her crime?  Wanting to help us.  Unforgiveable, right?  We first met (and by “we” – I mean “me” – Steph, here!) at last year’s Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, through our common friend, and writer/producer extraordinaire, Deb Chantson.  But it wouldn’t be until Nathalie and I were thrown together in the WGC-CTV Diverse Screenwriters Program, that we would really get to know each other in that very intense bootcamp week.  Which is now a blur.  Yay!

But I digress.  Nathalie is one of those people who will give, give, give, and not expect a thing back.  Except for love.  But she has our love.  We have a deep respect for the fact that she worked her way up in this industry– all the way to the ranks of being a respected reality/lifestyle producer and director.  She’s worked on a billion shows, but you may catch her work on SLICE and The Food Network amongst others.  She is also a very talented writer in her own right, and her pilot GREY OPS (developed through the CTV Diverse Screenwriters Program), will be read at the upcoming LIFT reading in Toronto on December 14th, 2011.  So save the date!

Without further adieu, we give you 5 fun facts about Nathalie!!!

“Saturday lunchtime funtime/fun facts about our crew has come to an end. Today, we publicly humiliated Ms. Nathalie Younglai, Super Friend of the Production, and a kick ass producer/director in her own lovely, self-effacing right. You gotta pimp that cred out, Nathalie, yo! And I don’t know why I’m talking like that. In short, we love Nathalie. And she loves our Production. Which means you should love us to… and that’s not a fallacy at all. So without further adieu, 5 incriminating facts about much-awaited-iPhone-Nathalie!”

1. Nathalie’s fav food combo growing up was french fries dipped in soft ice cream. (Yum, yum!)

2. She can read a murder mystery book in two hours. (We have not yet tested her on this, but I suspect we will. Late night on set. Much literary merry-making shall be had!)

3. Once, she made her daughter cry so they could be fast-tracked through airport security. (Brilliant.)

4. She bought 6 pairs of shoes for her wedding and wore 3. (See brilliant above.)

5. Her sister and she used to re-enact scenes from Bugs Bunny with Witch Hazel, including the flying hairpin twirl. (Too awesome).

If you’d like to follow flying hairpin twirling Nathalie, you may do so on twitter @NYounglai – Huzzah! ♥ ♥ ♥

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