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Crew Fun Facts – Our Resident Story Editor, Consuelo Solar (Recap)

Awwww... this is how we feel about Consuelo.

If you missed it last week, we recap our public flogging of our beloved Story Editor, Consuelo Solar.  This is what you get for being so kind & generous, Consuelo!!!  Muhahahaha!

So we have 4 fun facts about Consuelo “Story” Solar, who we met many moons ago, on a dark… and calm night, at one of WIFT’s many networking panels.   Little did we know then, but she would rise to greatness.  She would for on to work with WIFT as the Research Coordinator for their recent iWDMS Conference in Stratford, Ontario (yes, home of Bieber).  She’s also part of the team putting together a research study on employment trends for women in the film, television, and new media industries.  In short, Consuelo is awesome.

And so, without further adieu, we give you… humiliation!

“Our lunch hour public shaming of our wonderful Story Editor, Consuelo Solar, has come to an end. In case you missed it, we had 4 fun facts that will both tickle you… and wish you had the foresight to get more dirt on your peers. Yay! A small pre-amble, and a case of… did you know? Consuelo hails from Chile. She’s a journalist & was a field producer for CNN. She came to Canada to study Screenwriting & Story Editing at York University in Toronto– where she completed her M.F.A. She often does fun things like interview actors at TIFF… and work for WIFT. Hey, that rhymes! She is brilliant. She knows story. She is generous beyond measure. Without further adieu, fun facts!!! Fun facts!!!”

1.  When Consuelo was in preschool, and didn’t know how to read yet, she would make up stories and pretend to read them just to impress her classmates.  (Editor’s Note: Always lie to children. It’s the writers’ way.)

2.  She wrote letters to Santa even after I found out he wasn’t real… just so she could change my mind at the last minute, and “Santa” would have to do some extra shopping to get her what she “really” wanted.  (See, brilliant, right?)

3.  Her first encounter with the North American culture was in Millington, Michigan, where she lived for year.  (Don’t bother looking it up on a map, but it’s just a half an hour drive from the excitement of Flint!) – We did look it up & we cry for you, Consuelo.

4.  The only way she can fully wake up in the morning is to watch funny kitty videos on YouTube.  Yes, she’s one of those ladies.

This is for you, Consuelo!!!

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