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Crew Fun Facts – Our Composer, Maria Molinari (Recap)

En garde! Those treble clefs had better watch out!!!

Last Saturday, we tried, without success, to humiliate our brilliant composer, Maria Molinari.  She’s just too classy!  Not only is she great at what she does, but she’s one of the most caring, conscientious, and giving people you’ll ever meet.   She truly is the “one and only” Maria!

“If you missed it live on Twitter! Today we tried to ridicule our beloved & brilliant composer, Maria Molinari. But she’s just too cool. Her fun facts turned out to be fascinating facts! How could you deny us like that, Maria! How?! We met Maria many moons ago at a WIFT event, and since then, we knew we had to work with her! Now the time has come… muhahaha! Not only is Maria a very accomplished composer, she’s worked on everything from film, TV to commercials– including the Bud Light “Dear Football” campaign you may have seen recently! Congrats Maria! Without further adieu, we give you Maria “Music” Molinari!!!

1.  Maria took piano lessons briefly as an 8 year old. After 2 months and still not knowing where middle C was… she switched to knitting lessons.  Ha!

2.  When computers were first introduced Maria was sure they would never catch on – Maria does not consider herself a visionary.  (You’re our visionary, Maria!!! ♥)

3.  As a teen, Maria entertained hopes of making the Olympic fencing team. The thought of blowing out her knees before the age of 25 ultimately led her to choose academics over sports.  (See, practical & brilliant!)

4.  The biggest thrill for Maria while at USC was studying with Elmer Bernstein (To Kill a Mockingbird), Leonard Rosenman (Rebel Without a Cause) and Christopher Young (Spiderman).  (How cool it that?!)

5.  Maria held out against getting a cell phone until it seemed like every high schooler in the city had one. She now refuses to get a Twitter account.  (We’ll see about that Maria! Muhahahaha!)

If you’re interested in hearing Maria’s amazing work, check out her site! Thanks, Maria, for being part of our team!” ♥ ♥ ♥

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