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Production Meeting Jan. 10 – Epic the Sequel

When we say epic. We mean EPIC. ("Mount Everest" by Steffen Perneborg. CC license.)

This past Monday, we held our second epic production meeting.  We sat there for six hours.  Thank you again to the staff of Second Cup for  putting up with our animated story and character ramblings!

First thing on the agenda was: audition videos.

Co-director/Associate Producer, Jessica Wu, and I (Steph here!) had the difficult task of deciding which actors to callback.  So far, we’ve only auditioned actors for the Principal roles of 10-year-old Sally Khan and her Aunt Farah.  But we’re intending to roll out the rest of our casting calls as we get closer to production.  Having said that, we haven’t yet contacted actors/agents for our first callback, but we will be doing so shortly.

Second thing on the agenda: breaking down the script!

Because the script isn’t locked yet (when is it ever?), I’ve only guessed at how many days our shoot would be.  But with Jessica’s help, and production savy, we realized that, yes, I suck at guess-timating!  So, we’re now looking at a six day shoot instead of the five day one.  Considering we’re working with child actors, this is much more realistic.  Thanks, Jess!

The other good thing about breaking down a script is that you can then start to figure out shoot logistics.  You also have the chance to flag issues before they become major problems.  You’re also forced to clarify what’s on the page, and then make sure that it will translate onscreen.

Most importantly, for Jess and I, because we are co-directing, it was the first time that we really got a chance to make sure that we’re interpreting and seeing the story in the same light.  And calling out logic flaws in the script.  Which is awesome, because we all need a checks-and-balances system.  This how you get to your best work.

So, this  took the majority of the meeting, combined with a healthy dose of tangents… hehehe.  But as we walked to the subway, we tackled the last point on our agenda:


In particular, how are we handling post-production.  Because our prize package with Charles Street Video and Reel Asian does not cover enough edit suite time, there are several options that we’re considering.  We’re talking to people to see which one is the best for us.

Why are we discussing editing when we haven’t even tackled production?  Well, you need to know how you’re going to finish, where you want your film to go, before you even start.  You take the end result, work backwards, and figure out how you’re going to get there.  But it takes a lot of back and forth, because it’s never just one answer that you need to make an informed choice.

Which leads up to:

Next steps!

Jess and I will be discussing the visual style of the film, and working together with our brilliant cinematographer, Joyce Wong, to come up with a plan.  From there, we will figure out what we’re shooting on.  And the rest in regards to workflow will follow.

Our mega meeting with Charles Street Video and Reel Asian will be happening soon!  Once we do, we’ll have a better snap shot of what resources are at our disposal, what limitations we’ll be coming up against, and then I can better figure out how to adjust the budget accordingly.

In the meantime, we’ll be figuring all things production insurance.  Location scouting.  And auditioning new roles this month, as well as conducting our callbacks.

So yeah, just another January!

Thanks everyone for your support!  We love ya!

~ Team LMJ

About littlemissjihadfilm

When 10-year-old, Afghani-American, Sally Khan, discovers that the father she never knew disappeared on September 11, 2001, she becomes convinced that he is a terrorist. Now if she could only figure out what that means! LITTLE MISS JIHAD is a dark comedy, yes, comedy, about faith, tolerance, and a child's imagination running away with her.

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