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Behind the scenes. On location. Scarborough, Ontario.

Principal Photography began on Friday, April 6th, 2012.  We wrapped production four days later on Monday, April 9th.  The crew was amazing.  Our A.D. Matt Hotson was a real pro, keeping us on schedule, and running the floor with efficiency and authority.  Our cinematographer, Adam Crosby, brought with him an incredible eye for detail, story, and character.  His camera crew was awesome in terms of their professionalism and speed.  And we got the best of the sound world with mixer Jeff Magat’s great crew– thanks Art and Lindsay!  We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Our co-director, Jessica Wu, pulled multiple duty by handling our art dec and wardrobe details.  Thanks to Jess, the props, costumes, and sets looked incredible, and most importantly, they all worked to serve the story.  And special thanks to our key make-up and hair artist, Mehnaz Khan, for braving our large cast (over a dozen actors), and making each one of them shine– no small feat!

Speaking of which, our actors gave us fantastic performances.  After a long casting process, and rehearsals, our actors were really on their game.  When the camera rolled, they knew their lines, and they had their characters down.  Huge thanks to Melanie Leon, Rahim Hajee, Davis Ryan, Carol Chen, Karen Kwong-Chip, and the rest of our lovely cast for giving their best to the project.  And thanks to Jasmine Chan, our young lead, who met our challenging material head on.  It was her first set experience, and we appreciated the learning curve that represented to her.

We’re very proud of all our actors.

As well, we were very grateful to have the help of our family and friends who volunteered to lend a hand.  Making a film is not easy, and having that support meant the world to us.  Thank you!

(In particular, thanks to Consuelo Solar, Katy Swailes, Vincent Lui, Mirella Christou, Andrew Nguyen & Ashish Seth!  To my Family: Chris, Mike, Mom, Dad, Sau-Fann Lee, Sau Kan Lee, and Sau Man Lee!)

SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors:  The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Charles Street Video, Whites Interactive, Behind The Scenes Services, and the myriad of other individuals who came forward with their support, contributions, and advice. 

What’s next?  Post-production.  Over the next few weeks, we will be editing the footage into a rough cut, getting feedback, and proceeding to a fine cut.  At that point, we will start the post-sound process (editing, mixing, design, composing), and other considerations in terms of conforming, coloring, and mastering.  Yes, lots to think about when it comes to the workflow of a film project!

But stay tuned!  It ain’t over ’till it’s over. 🙂

About littlemissjihadfilm

When 10-year-old, Afghani-American, Sally Khan, discovers that the father she never knew disappeared on September 11, 2001, she becomes convinced that he is a terrorist. Now if she could only figure out what that means! LITTLE MISS JIHAD is a dark comedy, yes, comedy, about faith, tolerance, and a child's imagination running away with her.

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