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Pitch Clinic

Today, we’re having a pitch clinic with Mr. HGF himself, John Galway.  HGF, of course, standing for The Harold Greenberg Fund– one of the funders you definitely want to get acquainted with, if you ever hope to get development dollars for your feature project in Canada.  But I digress.

For the first time, all of the pitch finalists will get to meet each other!  I am beyond excited to meet my fellow talented filmmakers and artists & to hear each of their stories!  Regardless of the pitch competition, my hope is that we can all help each other out, because this industry is too hard… to not to help each other.  I hope my fellow pitchees (pitchers?) feel the same way!

So we will be convening at Charles Street Video— a place I’ve passed by a few times, but have never gotten a chance to go in and visit– to pitch, pitch, pitch!  I’m looking forward to Mr. Galway’s advice, and just hope I don’t bomb too hard… hahaha. 😉

Should be fun!