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Trailer Produced by: Henry Wong


The finalists for the 2011 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival’s ‘So You Think You Can Pitch?’ competition pitched our hearts out on Sunday, November 13, 2011 at The Royal theatre in Toronto. 

LITTLE MISS JIHAD was selected by the pitch jury (Nobu Adilman, Eileen Arandiga, Lila Karim) in the Emerging Category.  So thank you to Reel Asian, Charles Street Video, and the award sponsors for all their support!

As well, my co-finalists were all very inspiring and talented in their own right.  So please, if you ever get the opportunity to support them, do!  Congrats to Jason Karman, Keith Lock, Chantria Tram, Tricia Collins, and Elaine Poon on their amazing stories, and the courage to tell them… in front of a live audience!

Thank you for your support!